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Oita is a Prefecture of Japan located in kyushu region and the capital is the city of Oita.

It is sorrounded by the Suo Channel and Honehu Island to the north, the It Channel and Shikoku Island to the East.
The northern part of the Prefecture is featuring granite and metamorphic rocks, while the southern area features limestone which is the foundation for the Tsukumi cement industry and several limestone caves. Mountain ranges include Mount Yufu, Mount Tsurumi, Mount Sobo, Mount katamuki and Mount kuju ( roof of kyushu). These. Ountain ranges contribute to the fact that 70% of Oita is covered by forests, rivers and streams that flow from these ranges gives the Prefecture rich water sources.
As of 28% of the total land area of Oita was designated as Natural Parks, namely the Aso kuju and Setonaikai National Parks; the Nippo Kaigan, Sobo-katamuki and Yaba-Hita-Hikosan Quasi-National Parks.
The city was sorrounded by the gift of natural resources.
The place was perfectly made by nature. It has many interesting things to do and places to visit.
If your looking for a perfect vacation destination, please do not hesitate to choose Oita Prefecture Japan. Explore and enjoy more!

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