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Mie is a prefecture of Japan, which is part of the Kansai region on the main Honshu Island. The capital is the city of Tsu.

Mie Prefecture is composed of five distinct geographical areas: the north west of Mie ( consist of Suzuka Mountains), the coast of Is Bay ( Aichi border to Ise city lies the Ise plain, most of population in Mie live), south of the Ise plain (the Shima peninsula), Bata in the central west ( Iga basin), Southern borders of Nunobiki mountainous region.
The Mie Prefecture know to have compromised designated natural parks. The city is mountainous and overlooking.
The city is gifted with natural environment. They also rich in historic history and cultural attraction. There are also many entertaining activities and good accommodation in the city.
If your planning for a vacation trip, choose Mie and it’s nearby cities for your perfect vacation destination.

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