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 2019/03/27 未分類
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Fuji yama

Japan Culture: Celebrates Four Festivals

Doll Festival

What is Doll Festival?

Doll festival is a special day for girls. A family with young daughters celebrates this day. During this celebration, the family sets up a display of special dolls which means they are wishing for their daughters’ good health and growth.

When is Doll Festival?

Doll Festival is celebrated every 3rd day of March.

Characteristics of Dolls

The dolls are placed on a stepped shelf. The Empress and Emperor should sit on the top shelf. These dolls are dressed in lovely kimono of the style worn about 1000 (one thousand) years ago in the Kyoto court.
Doll sets are often passed on from generation to generation. Peach blossoms are also celebrated together with the Doll Festival; Japanese eat special rice cakes and drink rice wine.

Hanami Festival




What is Hanami Festival?

Hanami Festival is also known as Cherry blossom viewing. This festival is one of the important annual events in Japan. It is an enjoyable spring occasion. Japanese go to the parks and put mats under the cherry blossoms to hold outside drinking parties.

When is Hanami Festival?

Hanami Festival is celebrated from March to April since during these months cherry trees bloom across Japan.

Characteristics of Hanami

cheerry bloosom

cheerry bloosom

Cherry flowers start blooming in Japan’s Southern part. To inform people the best places for enjoying the cherry blossoms, the news track “the cherry blossom front”. Moreover, good party spots become very famous at the peak of the season. Early in the morning, people line up to gain a good spot.

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