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Japan reiwa

 2019/03/27 未分類
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Japan is a growing country and most disciplined people. I grew up with tight
policy to the government and to my parents. I love my country as much as others


On May 1, 2019 is said to be the declamation of Japanese government the new name of Era in Japan. It is soon to be called asReiwa .

I grew up with sleepy English village but very harmonious and peaceful place.
My childhood days are full of wonderful memories.
We always celebrate Japans cultural festival. Japanese always give time for every
occasion as sign of respect and patriotism. My mother always reminds me that I
should live with dignity and respect prescribes by my country. My parents thought
me so well that made me successful now. I visited different country since then.
Japanese people are very hardworking and disciplined. For us, time is precious.
We value our time because it is a success. Our success will depend on how or
what we’ve done in time to time.
Japan does have all above. All of them make up my daily life. Life is great in Japan,
there are many resources to get and most of the people are intelligent and
competent. I can say to you that living in Japan are accessible, productive and no
hassle. All you need is what japan can give.
I have traveled the entire prefecture in Japan, from the wilds of Hokkaido in the
far north to the sun-kissed of Okinawan islands way down south. I am very
fortunate to have travelled different countries especially my country and to have
written all of their facets, like culture, feature, economic and their history. Above
all, my country always give something surprisingly and reenergizing feeling to
Japanese people are actively hardworking and optimistic. Age is just a number for
them, when someone aged over 80 seems so young and will proudly tell you how
active they were. I have that attitude, every day makes me young. I just work and
work and explore and enjoy the life.
How proud I am as Japanese. I can share things about Japan if you wanted me
too. Even if we have strict policy but rest assured that we are good people and
good contributor to economic progress of the world and in our country.
Have guts and enjoy life. Visit Japan and fulfill life’s expectancy and preach.

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