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Ibaraki is a Japanese prefecture located in the kanto region. The capital city is Mito. The city has an estimated population of 2,903,925 with 44 municipalities. The Northernmost part of the Prefecture is mountainous but most of the Prefecture was a flat plain with many lakes.

Ibaraki as a total land was composed area of natural parks. The Suigo – Tsukuba, Quas National Park, and Nine Prefectural parks are the landmarks of Ibaraki. There are many beautiful attractions in the beautiful city of Ibaraki some of it are the Panoramic view of kasumigaura and Tsuchiura, Fukuroda waterfalls in Baigo, Tsukuba Mount view, Suigo ITako Iris Garden, and a view of Rukkakudo and Pacific ocean in Kitaibaraki.
Those are just few of a natural sites in the city. There are more to discover in Ibaraki city. Bring your families and spend vacation to the fullest in the city of Ibaraki.

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