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How to Budget Your Money in Japan: (Travel!, Work! and Food!)

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How to Budget Your Money in Japan: (Travel!, Work! and Food!)

Chapter 1: Foreigners Studying in Japan
Chapter 2: Working & studying in japan (Part-time works for Students)
Chapter 3: How to budget money in going to Japan.
Chapter 4: Mindanao Nursing School and Japan Relationship

There are an increase number of bedridden elderly people and dementia sufferers, thus making a burden on household economy. Japan is in need of more caregivers for their elderly people.
Moreover the declining birthrates will lead to massive closure of schools, thus decreasing the number of educational institution and industries.
Aside from that, since people are not getting married there are many vacant houses in Japan now.

Japan Now vol. 3:
Japan Government is making law for foreigner workers.
People have two opinions about it:
Agree ・・No choice
Disagree・・Cannot communicate with foreigners
My prediction: It will make a lot of Japanese Private Schools. And these schools could get money from the Japan government.

Japan Now vol4:
Questions at Graduate School Class(July)

Question: Why many ladies do not marry in Japan?
Answer:(my opinion)
Ladies do not want to marry men who have low salary. Most career women in Japan have high salary.
Japan News about Mindanao:

In Japan’s news Mindanao is very dangerous.If they knew that it is not dangerous in Cagayan De Oro, they will still not dispatch Japanese students because of the bad reputation from mass media.

New idea:
Not to anticipate that Japanese students are coming here.
Instead, Filipino students will go to Japan.

Japan Now 5
Education system of Japan
Elementary school 6 years(7~12 years old)
Junior high school 3years(13~15 years old)
(English start learning 13years old)
High school 3years(16~18 years old)
University (4years old)
New Law:
It will start from 2020. English will start in Elementary school.

Chapter1: Studying Japan for foreigners

Japan student service organization
Japanese-language presidency test

Studying in Japan
Checking Dormitory!
(National University Corporation Dormitory is so good!)
Kanazawa University (from Nagoya tohere 4hours by bus around 1600pesoBy high way bus)
Kanazawa is disaster free.

Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
N3(level) → if you pass, one year job as caregiver
(1month = maybe around 70,000peso)
No test→ Agriculture, homemaker (house help)
Demerit→ (some private companies are no good)

Chapter2:Foreigner Students in Japan.
Rules for Working Students:
Foreigners can work 28 hours per week.
Per hour is 450 pesos equivalent to 1000 yen 450
450 pesos multiply by 28 hours is equal to 12,600 pesos per week.
For a month is (28 hours x 4= 112 x 450 is equals to 50,400

Seven Eleven – Recommended Jobs
Morning・Afternoon ・Night
There are many 7/11 Convenient Stores in Japan. If you move to another city in japan, you can easily start a work because you already know their operations.
Seven Eleven is protected by CCTV cameras and safety precautions. Working there is very safe especially for girls.

Saizeria – Recommended Jobs


Chapter3: How to budget your money in Japan.
Japan is expensive? Everybody thinks it is. But all you have to do is to know how to budget.

  →You can budget!

How to budget your money in Japan

Cheap to go all over Japan)
Cube Centria International Airport(NAGOYA)
Using by bus. (Cheap to go all over Japan)

How to budget money for food in Japan:

Noodles are cheaper along train station compare to noodle shop.
Noodles: Inside the stationis very cheap- 120 pesos

How to budget money for food in Japan
How much is it

How to budget money for food in Japan
Answer: Each of 100yen (45peso)
→During Festival food is so cheap.

Japanese Words:
Sushi (すし  sushi )
Cheap (やすい yasui)
City (市or し shi)
Sushi 100yen CITY
You can taste cheap sushi

Foot of Hot Spa



How much?

Answer: Free (Foot of Hot Spa)
Onsen – hot spa
City sentou orsouyu (very important) – check in the internet – 200 pesos.

Check in the Internet
Noodle station is very cheap ー120peso
Onsen [sentou or souyu ] ー 200peso[Sushi 100yen CITY] Festival is temporary foods is cheapー40peso
[Cube Centria International Airport] NAGOYA→[Cebu pacific] BUS→「kousokubasu] if you want to go Tokyoor OSAKA

Chapter 4: My Suggestions forNurses in Mindanao
Step 1 – cheap trip going to Japan
Step 2 – Caregiver for 1 year
Step 3 – Nursing in Japan
Teaching Cycle

sorbanzyuku – Finger Calculator
3 teachers teach 20 children at the same time.
Children grow up and they become teacher.
(Hands on teaching to students in the class. )
After coming back from Japan, students teach at school as volunteer.

Caregiver Business Model(mysuggestion)
Japan caregiver salary – Around 150,000 yen(1month)
Workers pay every month to Your Mindanao School – 10,000yen (4500peso)
School supports students – give students dispatch.(not only one friends)
Be linked, be connected, be Safe!

Recommendation of income: Double income
If no work in Mindanao, you can work in Japan (seaman too better)
If no work in japan you can work Mindanao
What is most important double income.
School also has two income direction.(Peso and Yen)

3 points that the School should check in Japan:
if they respect Filipino people
money →clear or not.
has license 

No need to hurry partnership with Japanese schools.
But students should start study Japanese language as soon as possible!
(open future)

Partnership of school
×- Private School(some schools are good)
○ – National University Corporation
(Very Good Condition)
Dormitory is nice.
Example: Tokyo University
Kanazawa University
Final: My Advice for Girls should better make their Facebook PRIVATE!

1. Location will be off
2. Facebook off – make it private
Setting→manage your profile →your activity
Apps →delete better (your profile not to giveFacebook)
Time line and Tagging
(setting→account setting→timeline a)
Google location off→important to keep your privacy.

Google →important to keep your privacy.
Google chat hang off
Privacy information→only me
Conclusion→Anyway all off and choose only me.
But if you want something or someone to be part of your Facebook just customize the settings.

My Website:
https://pag-aalaga.com (still making)

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