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Hiroshima is a Prefecture in a Japan located in the Chugoku region on Honshu island. The capital is the city of Hiroshima. Hiroshima can be found in the middle of Japan and has estimated population of 2.8 million.

Hiroshima was one the biggest damaged during the World War ll by the bombing of the Americans. The area recover and is one the ancient and beautiful place of Japan

Most of the Prefecture is made of mountains leading towards Shimane Prefecture and rivers produces rich plains near the coast.
The province faces Shikoku across the Seto Inland Sea and Prefecture also includes many small islands.
Hiroshimas climate is very mild because of the Inland shelterd nature of Sea. The total area of Hiroshima was designated as Natural Parks.

There are many interesting views and historical site to visit Hiroshima. It is best for school field trip and family vacation. The place is accessible and accommodating. I assure enjoyment and fun in the place. Visit and discover more in Hiroshima.

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