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Explosion in Sapporo injures

 2018/12/23 未分類
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Explosion in Sapporo injures

The explosion in the building of Sapporo is believed to be the caused by a buildup of gas in a real estate office in the building, that the gas filled the office and ignited to trigger the explosion. There are 42 people injured and one seriously injured and all was automatically sent to the hospital. The police officers said that the injuries are not life threatening.
Some of the investigative sources of real estate agent that the explosion occurred after work to release the leftover contents of more than 100 used cans of air fresheners before its disposal. The official said that the blast was sent off when a water heater was turned on.
After the explosion at around 8:30 pm Sunday, the two stories building in the cities of Toyohira Wards collapsed almost entirely and the flames spread to an adjacent fast-food restaurant.
Based on the investigations there are nine propane gas tanks had been placed behind the building. There are 5 kilogram gas cylinders at the eatery, while the real estate firm and an osteopathic clinic, and the two housed family in the building which owns 20 kilogram each of gas cylinders.
The explosion causes many damages which triggers and panic the people around, the explosion was very extensive that neighboring areas felt the tension and causes the shattering of their car windows and those in pedestrian who passes nearby was also injured.
Luckily no updates of death, only those severe injured and damages of residential building and property.

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