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Akita is a Prefecture located in the Tohoku region Japan. The Ou mountains mark the eastern border of the Prefecture. Akita was famous for rice farming and sake breweries. The city had an estimated population of 1,026,983. The area ok Akita was created from the ancient provinces of Dewa and Mutsu.

Akita is abundant with natural resources of environment. There are many mountains and beautiful view of ocean and hot Springs resort. They also have the town of kakunodate which is one of Japans most interesting Samurai districts.
There are some of a popular destinations in Akita like Nyuto Onsen (Wonderful rustic hot spring resort), kakunodate city (with nicely preserved Samurai District), Hachimantai (Mountainous region with rustic hot springs), Shirakami Sanchi (commonly known for hiking trails that lead through the forest to waterfalls, mountain peaks and lakes).
There are many more things to do in Akita. If your planning to have a vacation, don’t hesitate to choose Akita, because it has alot to offer you.

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