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america mg x cruzeiro

America MG vs Cruzeiro: A Rivalry that Defines Brazilian Football

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Atualizada- março. 04, 2024

The rivalry between America MG and Cruzeiro is one of the most intense and historic in Brazilian football. This article explores the origins, key moments, and impact of this fierce competition.
America MG vs Cruzeiro: A Rivalry that Defines Brazilian Football

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America MG vs Cruzeiro: A Rivalry that Defines Brazilian Football

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Brazilian football is known for its passionate rivalries, but few are as intense as the one between America MG and Cruzeiro. These two teams from Belo Horizonte have a long-standing history of facing each other on the pitch, creating unforgettable moments for fans.


The rivalry between America MG and Cruzeiro dates back to the early days of Brazilian football. Both clubs were founded in the first half of the 20th century, with America being established in 1912 and Cruzeiro in 1921. As they grew in popularity, their matches became highly anticipated events.

Key Moments:

Over the years, there have been several key moments that have defined this rivalry. One such moment occurred in 1966 when both teams faced off in a decisive match for the state championship title. The game ended in a draw after an intense battle on the field, leaving fans on both sides thrilled yet disappointed.

Another memorable moment came during a Copa do Brasil match in 1996 when America MG defeated Cruzeiro to advance to the next round. This victory was celebrated by America's fans as a major upset against their more successful rivals.


The rivalry between these two clubs has had a significant impact on Brazilian football. It has not only divided families and friends but also fueled passion among supporters who live for these matches. The intensity of this rivalry can be seen through heated debates among fans, both online and offline.


The America MG vs Cruzeiro rivalry is a testament to the deep-rooted passion and love for football in Brazil. It represents more than just a competition between two teams; it symbolizes the spirit of Brazilian football. As both clubs continue to face each other on the pitch, this historic rivalry will undoubtedly create more unforgettable moments for fans to cherish.
America MG vs Cruzeiro: A Rivalry that Defines Brazilian Football

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America MG vs Cruzeiro: A Rivalry that Defines Brazilian Football

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