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One of the top countries that foreigners visit is Japan. It has a very distinct and unique culture. Ranging from the multitude of traditional culture like the festivals, tradition and event, to the modern culture like the otaku culture (the anime and manga culture) and entertainment. You will find that Japan provides a very interesting blend of old and new. The people there are fascinating too. They are mostly polite and friendly to foreigners. Usually, among the many reasons people visit Japan. The country is really beautiful and there are so many attractive places to visit wherever you go. If you go there when it is spring , you can see the very beautiful Sakura or Cherry Blossoms. And there are the shrines, castles, and hot springs to visit. The cities are very beautiful at night, too. Japan is a feast to the eyes if you love sight seeing. Foods are great. Filled with many special foods that originates from it such as ramen, sushi, konomiyaki, nigiri and takoyaki and they are very delicious. There are food vendors, and restaurants everywhere that serve Japan's unique foods, so you can be sure to find them everywhere you go. There are also many buffet. Japan is filled with delicious foods that you can indulge in. The toilet are very clean. There are also machines, like seven eleven you can withdraw cash, it’s very convenient. If you plan to visit Japan. You need to book a ticket. Bring your cellphone with you, that would be the happiest experience in your life.

Distributing machines

Distributing machines. Japan will be well known for continuously a nation full about distributing machines. Those A large portion normal sorts are for drinks, Anyhow there would Additionally distributing machines to hot foods, candy, ice cream, cigarettes, books, newspapers, umbrellas, Furthermore actually grown-up products.
As stated by a japanese exploration organization’s investigation, the number from claiming distributing machines clinched alongside japan done 2014 were 50,400,000. Its also said that they settle on 5 trillion yen An quite a while (about 50 billion dollars).