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Check out this Famous places to visit in Japan

Onsen- it is known for its famous natural hot spring in Japan.

Due to cold weather, you will really need this in your travel. Did you know that Onsen is

beneficial to our skin and to our health?

Visit Ryokan for its famous onsen offer.

You can stay overnight and enjoy the place.

Mt. Fuji- it is very famous in Japan and even to other countries.

It is very nice to visit with its perfect shape.

Cherry blossom- Japan is known for the nice view of the cherry blossom every april.

It symbolizes the clouds due to its nature of blooming.

It will be a good food to your eyes as you visit Japan during Cherry blossom season.

Question Do you know 100yenshop in Japan?

Travel to buy cheap one from Japan Try Daisou The Cheap and useful one also sushi food


Onsens, Cherry blossoms, gardens, castles, flowers, are very affordable and enjoyable when you travel to Japan

In Tokyo Osaka, Flowers, festival, autumn, different colors hiking, and amusement park, you will enjoy the scenery of the country.


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